a stupa visit with a dear friend / back to the easel / by Philip Tarlow

3:33 PM: i'm not fully recovered from my colonoscopy. our old friend kat arrived yesterday afternoon & we had an excellent time catching up & introducing her to some of the wonders of crestone/baca this morning in the snow. we drove up to the tashi gomang stupa, which was bathed in a magnificent light created in part by our spring snowstorm today.

i made some good progress on motion 20,  which you see here as it looked moments ago.

the bit on top, where there is a drawing on an off white ground, happened at the very last moment, and releived some of the congestion taking place in the composition, as did the off white stripes running down both sides.

there is a playful, even cartoon-like element in this painting, in the good sense. the way the bottom 3/4, with it's earth tones & light pastel pinks & blues plays off the grey-black & white of the drawing in the upper segment seems somehow very now. not in the trendy sense; rather as a reflection of the current visual meme. informed, well drawn eye candy tending towards a painterly-romantic vision of the natural world.