more work on motion 20 today / by Philip Tarlow

3:30 PM: as often happens, i had to tweak the painting before going out the door. i pushed back the violet on the left & the rose on the mid-right.

that helped, and much more work is needed. i have to be in the right space, so i may have to wait a day after the colonoscopy. right now i'm drinking insane amounts of gatorade spiked with a laxative, as per my doc's personal creation, which he claims is far easier to handle than the traditional ingredients docs use.

it's challenging working on a larger scale after painting the entire series thus far on smaller, square or almost square canvasses.











2:24 PM: stopping a bit early today as the laxatives kick in & the gurgling begins. i'm actually amazed i was able to do much as i did. it's by no means close to resolution, but getting there. 

i think that violet on the left has to go or at least be pushed back. the entire upper 1/3 hasn't decided what it needs to be...on the whole it hasn't yet sung it's song. maybe i need to get this colonoscopy behind me (pun?) before it can find its way.

SITE-4-18-18 motion 20 12-15-pm.jpg
LOGO-4-18-18 PT draws motion 20 12-15-pm-CROP.jpg
















12:45 PM: i got an early start today. went over the painting with a very light wash of oil color & am now working into it with colored pencils & crayons. it already has a very different feel than yesterdays version.

diving back in; more soon. i don't have to interrupt for food breaks today, as i'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow & just drinking liquids & laxatives, which thus far haven't kicked in so i'm not yet running to the bathroom....veggie bouillon is a very good solution for keeping hunger pangs at bay.