continuing work on motion 20, 54x35" on a crazy windy day / by Philip Tarlow

motion 20 at 3:15 PM

working in only colored pencil, crayon & oil pastel on a canvas this size is a new experience. the sweeping, broad marks done with the edge of a stick of oil pastel are a device i found for dealing with this in a way that begins to create some transitions  that help avoid the sort of jammed composition of the ones i did on paper, especially motion 18

the impression one has right now is of a relatively pale image. which doesn't read as well as i'd like from a distance. the solution may be to add some light washes of oil color as accents. too early to tell.

tomorrow i'll be on liquids & laxatives prior to my colonoscopy on thursday, so it's hard to know how much i'll be able to get done while running to the bathroom every so often. we'll see in the morning!













motion 20 at 1pm. it's progressing slowly, in part to preserve the white space.























9:49 AM: about to meditate & head over to my studio on an extreme high wind day, so far gusting to 45mph where we live in the baca. the blowing dut has almost comeletely obscured the sangres. a comparative view of yesterday morning & today is below: