starting work on motion 20 / a beautiful sunrise sky over crestone/baca / by Philip Tarlow

                  DETAIL of motion 20 at 3pm                                                     motion 20, 54x35" at 3 pm

2:38 PM: here's where i'm stopping for the day. it's exciting to be working larger, and on a rectangular format. i have a good feeling about this one, which is really a result of a conversation i had last week at a gallery in denver. 

and now, off to the post office. we have a 40% chance for snow/rain on friday, which we hope pans out this time. 50-60% above 10,000 ft. we're in an extreme drought, with high fire danger due to the combination of high spring winds gusting to 40mph, low humidity & very dry conditions.lets hope we catch a break on friday...


1:17 PM: at work on the drawing

12:15 re-stretching the canvas for motion 20. yesterdays stretching was flawed so i had to remove all the staples & start over.

if it goes well this time, i should be able to start the drawing soon....stay tuned. (i hate any wrinkles, however minor, so if i see any i can't use keys to resolve the issue due to the masonite braces you see in this photo, so i'm forced to do it over.)

8:28 AM: this mornings sky was too good to pass up, so i stepped briefly outside before getting dressed and took this shot.

DETAIL of motion 19, colored pencil & crayon on paper

in an hour or so, i'll walk over to the studio & finsih stretching the new 54x35" canvas so that i can start work on motion 20 which will differ in some critical ways from it's siblings, with less oil paint & more colored pencil & crayon playing the dominant role, in harmony with motion 18 & 19, which were on paper.

i'll post updates as they become available.