starting motion 20 / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of motion 18, colored pencil & crayon on paper

shot this afternoon on our trail walk

this morning, following a few days away from my studio, i began stretching the canvas for motion 20. unlike the rest of the paintings in this series, it will be a 54x35" painting. it will also differ in that i won't take it as far, so that the under-drawing plays a greater role. after drawing motion 18 & 19 on paper, which are basically pure under-drawing with no oil painting covering them at all, i fell in love again with the light feel of these drawings, with lots of white space in a swirl of fine colored marks.





once i complete the stretching tomorrow morning, i'll begin the drawing, possibly referring to one or more of the rock photos i shot today on the trail.

these forms, and so many others we see as we walk, move & inspire me. from the time i was 5, at birchwoods in the berkshires, i have had a love affair with the rocks. in crestone & the baca, we have the rare "crestone conglomerate," from an article in our crestone eagle:"

those fascinating rocks that are colorful collections of all different rocks rolled up into one, and range in size from hand-held to big as a house. Many locals tell visiting friends and family that they are unique. They may not be one-of-a-kind in the world, but they are rare and the formation they come from is very rare.