another experiment on paper / a look at plein air oils translating into larger works / by Philip Tarlow

                                   motion 19, 30x22 1/2"   at 3pm colored pencil & crayon on arches watercolor paper

                                   DETAIL of motion 19

i drew motion 19 on paper today. i wanted to make it more spare than yesterdays motion 18, which it is. it's an entirely different experience making these drawings on paper, and having them not be under-drawings on canvas which are destined to be painted over. one of the biggest differences is that my awareness, when it's an under-drawing, that it will largely disappear frees me up & actually promotes more spontaneity. so i want to make a few more of these, perhaps interspersed with the motion series paintings in oil on canvas, and get to that all important place of not caring.



8:32 AM: yesterdays completed motion 17 experiment on paper was a bit overdone, and today i'm going to start another one: motion 18, which will hopefully have a lighter touch. the paper takes the colored pencil & crayon very differently than the portrait linen, with its smooth, fine surface. so i have to adapt my marks to this different surface. bristol paper, with its very smooth surface, might be a better choice than the arches watercolor paper i used yesterday, which has a tooth.

i'm also reviewing my most successful plein air oils & looking at the larger oils that were inspired by them. BELOW you see one of those plein air oils, on the left, 16x16" & next to it, motion 8, 36x36." what are your observations?