motion 18 (on paper) stage 2 / by Philip Tarlow

                 motion 18  30x22 1/2"  colored pencil & crayon on arches watercolor paper


1:09 PM: today is a gorgeous day. warm. no wind. i'd have to be crazy to not go out & paint plein air. the question is: oil or gouache? leaning towartds oil, which i haven't done for a year at least. lots of prep, but worth it.

i took my motion 18 experiment about as far as i wanted, and will likely leave it as it looks here. i liked this experiment & may follow it with another, slightly less complex, more spare. it's an interesting direction, which will allow me to provide more variety when i finally show the entire series together in a show, probably next year. i would alternate the motion oils on canvas with these crayon & colored pencil drawings on paper. it will give the oils some breathing space, as well as switching up the potential predictability of looking at one oil after another.