motion 13 becomes more complex / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                           motion 13 at 4 pm

3:16 PM: today i made significant changes to motion 13. i kept finding my solutions too pat & predictable, so while the painting didn't by any means look bad, i simply wasn't satisfied with it. so i worked on it, stopped & photographed it thinking it was resolved, then found myself diving back in. this happened 3, maybe 4 times. oil pastel played a role, which is where those blue-greens come from. and when i couldn't find any more jumpung off points in the oil pastel i was using as my inspiration, i didn't hesitate to let my eye rove to another painting for ideas & inspiration. 

we have our team actionlab members coming down form boulder tomorrow for 3 days of meetings, so it's likely i won't get back to work in the studio till saturday. in the mean time, this painting will sit & decide for itself whether it's resolved.

BELOW: the painting at 1 pm and 3:30pm.