continuing motion 13 / by Philip Tarlow

     11/7/14 plein air oil, the current inspiration for motion 13

3:49 PM: the source image has once again shifted, so i did quite a bit of work on motion 13 today! it looks close to being resolved, but it's always hard to tell at the end of the day, when i'm tired. this is a good example of how the painting has, one could say, a mind of it's own. if you as an artist are commited to not knowing, to the never ending process of discovery and to avoiding repetitve , easy solutions, then you just follow your intuition and listen to where your body wants to go. it's very physical. you must be willing entertain the possibility that it might fail.

what i'm slowly discovering is that there a limited, very limited number of plein air gouaches & oils that can get me turned on enough to carry me through the entire process, as tsarouchis told me years ago.

here's how it looks tight now:

                                                            motion 13 at noon today

noon:  upon entering my studio, my first glance, as always very important, gave me the queues as to where i needed to go next with motion 13. i'm in the thick of it & just stopped long enough to compose & post this. more later...

                             yesterday                                                                             today at noon