wiping out the motion 13 over-painting & starting over / by Philip Tarlow

1:49 PM: here's the current state of motion 13. i'm in no rush to move ahead with it, enjoying every moment of the additions i'm making on top of this precious, soft under-drawing. 

the studio today has a new, fresh energy following my time with my mentee (don't want to reveal his name for reasons of privacy). here's one of the drawings i made of him during our session. i don't have a photo of his, but they (there were 3) were quite beautiful, especially the final one.













12:39 PM: while the motion 13 over-painting was kind of interesting, it just wasn't doing it for me. so yesterday i wiped it out. since the paint was still wet, i was able to get practically the whole thing, leaving a thin, interesting filmy haze over the whole thing.











i'll post more pics as i work back over it, using a different plein air gouache as my inspiration. oh, and don't forget to let me tell you about my most excellent experience mentoring my new 12 year old friend yesterday. we each made 3 drawings of each other, and plan to get back together in 2 weeks, when we'll go out to the creek to paint plein air. i think he's very talented and am excited to be able to give him guidance. i think we're both learning from one another.