ongoing work on motion 10 and fluid landscape page / by Philip Tarlow

crestone/baca skies photographed yesterday afternoon

2:14 PM: i lightened the left & upper right background areas. there's definitely more motion happening in the composition than before my intervention today. if you compare it with yesterdays version, which you can see below in my 12:22 post, although there's more going on, it hangs together way better. the bright whites that used to be in the lower portion have given way to a an ochre yellow/grey, allowing the white i strategically placed above the large brown rock on the right to become an accent & pop. i think the addition of siena to the right of that white also helps enrich & balance the composition. the pinkish brown shape just to the left of that new white rock shape was annoying me in yesterdays version; it kept drawing my eye to it. so i think that issue has been resolved.the addition of some orange/yellow splashes of creek water on the lower right add a lot as well, echoing similar colors in the central portion, just beneath that green rectangular shape, which is also new, and plays a critical role.

BELOW: left-yesterdays version, right-motion 10 as it looked moments ago




1:42 pm: this is where motion 10 is currently at. more work after i have a bite.








12:22 PM; i think i'm going to do some more work on motion 10 & 14 this afternoon; they both could use some work. BELOW: motion 10 (left) & motion 14 before today's interventions.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.35.26 AM.png

9:45 AM: this morning i did more work on my new fluid landscape page:

i'm about to meditate & head to the studio. i'll post more as i get into work on the motion series paintings.