rad-rework of motion 10 and thank you! / by Philip Tarlow

6:16 PM: i'd like to thank those of you who are continuing to read my daily blog posts now that i've deactivated my facebook membership. i know many of you have gone to this site as a result o fmy daily posts, where i would provide a link to my blog. i was delighted & amazed to find that my unique visitors haven't dropped off at all. so thanks guys!! 

1:40 PM: i worked on motion 10 until a few minutes ago, and will leave it in this state until tomorrow morning.

there's a similarity between the last two rad-revisions i made, on motion 12 & 14, so i need to sit with this one & see tomorrow morning if it has it's own identity.

             motion 10 as it looked on 2/17/18

                         at work on motion 10, 11:45 AM





11:43 AM: motion 10 was last worked on february 17, 2018. it felt resolved, but it's one of those paintings in my motion series that just didn't hold up over time. that branch: too prominant. compositionally: not really. so i'm diving back in.