so what have i been up to / by Philip Tarlow

8:23 AM: the last few days i've been creating a new page on the site titled fluid landscapes. it all started during a conversation with the owner of a denver gallery who wanted to find "loose realist landscapes." 

so 2 days ago i began a search through my works, both digital files (which are a mess) and actual work. in all modesty, i was impressed with the volume and quality of the work. so i began organizing the page, which is still in it's early stages. in keeping with my belief that my process as an artist should be as transparant s possible, the new page is visible to the public as a work in progress, and you can find it in the drop down menu.

it's early and i'm still in coffee making mode, so i'll continue the conversation once i get to the studio, and post some interesting things i discovered while going through older work.