a matisse quote, & some motion 15 tweaks / by Philip Tarlow

7:24 PM: good night crestone/baca!!


3:12 PM: rad-rework of motion 12, stage 2.it's obviously inspired by a completely different plein air, this one painted 9/16/14 in the heart of crestone/baca fall. now that i've released the branches, once considered a necessary ingredient, the rock forms revel in their newfound freedom. 

this morning, i looked once again at  matisserhythm & line, by jacqueline & maruice guillard. it's filled with delicious matisse quotes like the one in the photo i posted earlier. he holds a lantern in this dark cave, turns & waves me along. although i never heard his voice, it resonates in my brain. somewhat raspy. filled with emotion. quivering like the lines in his drawings. "viens philippe; viens!"


a very different sort of teacher than deKooning he is.

                     motion 12 in early stage of rad-rework














1 PM: i made some modifications to motion 15, and also began a rad-rework of motion 12, which was annoying both of us after living with it for a month or so.

                          yesterdays motion 15 palette















11:57 AM: here's a quote form matisse. about to evaluate motion 15 & make some possible tweaks. updates as they occur.