the big scrape / by Philip Tarlow

3:23 PM: i shifted gears & chose to return to one of my more successful plein air oils for inspiration. i was looking at deKooning & then picasso this morning, and realized that it's ok to repeat a theme or composition as many times as it feels fresh. variations on a theme are common in visual art as well as music, architecture, and so on. i kind of had to justify this to myself, but where it started was with a critical look at the entire series of 11 motion paintings mikela & i did this morning.only 5 survived rigorous examination, and the rest will be re-worked. 

      this 16x16" 11/1/12 plein air oil is what i'm referring to



there are archetypal forms and relationships emerging from this years long focus on rocks & water, and as long as it continues to turn me on, i'll move ahead with my exploration and refinement of forms. it's not really me to completely turn them into abstractions. paring them down to their essence is where i need to go.

left: so the 11/1/12 plein air oil is what i'm using for inspiration. it was also used for motion 6, which you'll see if you click on motion in the drop down menu at the top of this page,






11:37 AM: motion 15 was far too busy, so i did a BIG scrape & wipe, leaving the painting looking like this. while what i did was, in my mind, and still is, a prep for going back in and working over it,  what is left after the scraping has some very endearing qualities. as a whole, it still doesn't hang together, but i can see certain passages remaining visible following whatever it is i do today.