working into yesterdays motion 15 oil over-painting / by Philip Tarlow


2:19 PM: stage 4 of motion 15, at 2pm.

the painting now has an identity: a jumbled whizz- razz of motion, suggesting but not describing the creek, it's movement & vibrancy. an eventful day it has been, and it's only 2:30! but i got an early start & worked almost non-stop. mikela strolled over about an hour ago, gave some predictably spot on feedback and headed back. 

deKooning certainly looms large these days, as the MOMA catalogue has been my morning matcha tea & toast reading material.and now for my clean up followed by a political meeting. my first glance tomorrow morning will give me the answer as to whether more work is required.
















12:26 PM: stage 3 of motion 15 at 12:30pm

                     motion 15, 38x36" as it looked at 11 am

11:21 AM: stage 2 of motion 15, at about 11am.







10:31 AM: in working into stage 1 of the oil over-painting for motion 15, i'm referring to this 10/12/13 plein air creek study in oil on canvas. updates will be posted as they occur.