starting the motion 15 under-drawing & plein air at the creek / by Philip Tarlow

5:10 PM: this morning i started work on the under-drawing for the new motion 15. i got this far when i heard a knock on the door. it was my mentee, K. who had arrived for our creek adventure. as i told him, i've always gone out to paint at the creek alone. so this was a brand new experience.



                                3/17/18 plein air by K.

we went to the start of the tashi gomang stupa, got out collapsable tables, stools, painting materials & sat down to paint. K had never used gouache before, so i gave him a 2 minute lesson and off he went. I'm very impressed with what he did. gotta help make dinner; more soon....

BELOW: just look at K's very first gouache painting!