1st plein air of 2018, starting the motion 14 over-painting / by Philip Tarlow

                     3/14/18 plein air gouache on paper

5:34 PM: back at the creek again, back at the creek again, thank god almighty,  i'm back at the creek again!!!

it was an especially mild day, with temperatures reaching 58F & very little wind. the creek was in a beautiful state, with just enough ice to create elegant curviliniar white shapes contrasing with the deep greenish-blue-brown of the creek, peppered with water-worn siena-orange rocks. there were no humans about, but i was surprised, considering it's only mid march, to find flying insects annoying me.

admittedly, whilst the remainder of my body was warm enough, after 15 minutes or so, my butt started getting cold. so next time i'll bring something to place on top of the little 3 legged canvas stool i sit on. 

 oh, the joy of it! oh, the richness....and the spring frangrances haven't even kicked in yet! the buds; the pale green emerging leaves; the mosses & grasses...

motion 14 as i stop painting at at 2 pm

1:40 PM: i'm stopping here for the day to have time for clean up before heading to the creek. todays plein air(s) will be gouache on paper, but i placed an order earlier for 50  16" stretcher bars which will allow me to stretch 12 16" square canvases to use for painting plein air starting in a week or so.

it definitely was an advantage, having to stop so early. i didn't overwork it.






SITE-3-14-18 MOTION noon.jpg







noon: although it's partly cloudy, today is a better day to venture out to the creek. so i started the over-painting on motion 14, and the time constraint of having to head out in a fe whours will keep me focused & conscious. taking it slow, taking it easy while listening to neil young, who i'm especially hooked on lately.

slow & easy does it, philip. "don't let it bring you down..."

"find someone who's turning, and you will come around....."