continuing motion 14 under-drawing / by Philip Tarlow

3:40 PM: this under-drawing is progressing slowly. it's giving me ideas about future dedicated under-drawings on large sheets of paper, which could be a part of the mix once this series is shown in houston. 






12:43 PM: here's the current state of the motion 14 under-drawing.













8:38 AM: these images are reminders of the direction and aesthetic that i find most compelling right now, as i enter day 2 of the motion 14 drawing. at the same time, i'm preparing my materials to venture out to the creek for the start of my 2018 spring plein air series. initially, it will be gouache on paper, but oil and or acyllic will follow later on.

starting on the left: guston, guston, gorky & zhao mengfu (ca. 1300 ad, chinese)