starting prep work on motion 14 / by Philip Tarlow

starting the under-drawing for motion 14

4:06 PM: i stretched a new 36x36" canvas (portrait linen), keyed it out to smooth out a few wrinkles, which i hate, & started the colored pencil drawing, which i'll be working on for at least a few more days before i start painting in oil. the image i'm using for the under-drawing is a close up shot of rocks & water from one of our walks this past fall.

motion 13  36x36"





12:54 PM: upon entering the studio & giving motion 12 & 13 the usual first glance, they appeared resolved. so the next step is to bring them over to the house this afternoon & see how they hold up on the walls there.

motion 12  36x36"





BELOW:  are some iphone pics i shot this morning, and i'll post pics of my prep work stretching the canvas & starting the drawing for motion 14, which looks like it too will be 36x36."


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