a fresh look at motion 9 / by Philip Tarlow


3:44 PM: i'm stopping for the way, a bit bleary eyed.  as usual, the morning glance will tell all. right now, i'm going to clean my brushes & drive to town for soy milk & eggs.





                  motion 9, 38x32",  at 3:30 pm







1:08 PM: during my revision of yesterdays work on motion 9, i turned it sideways, making the canvas 32" high by 38" wide. 

this painting simply did not want to be vertical! in working into it, i'm sensing the essence of what i experienced sitting by the creek on that day in 2013. at the same time, i'm playing with the forms of the rocks, which want to jostle and play with each other like a painters jigsaw puzzle, demanding a bit of green here, a warm tan there, a deep umber accent...

work continues for at least another hour or so. 







11:57 am: i decided to switch the plein air oil i was working from to this one, painted on 11.11/13 which i find more interesting compositionally. i'm working on this revision right now, and will be for the rest of today. i'll post new images as they become available.












8:38 AM: when i enter my studio at about 10 am, i will take my critical first glance and determine what needs to happen with the new motion 9. it's always unexpected, always a new challenge which can never be met in a predictable way. 

here's a long view, from our kitchen, of motion 8 hanging on our east living room wall this morning.