a different path / by Philip Tarlow

                                   motion 12  at 3pm

                                   motion 12 at 3pm

                              DETAIL of motion 12 at 3pm

3 pm: here's the next phase, which i just worked on. the bit on the left seemed too strong, so i wiped it & then went into it with crayons, creating a softer feel. this allows the central tree trunk, which has some beautiful passages, to shine. but it also works better compositionally. i may be done for the day. this new direction was a surprise, which i kind of knew before even setting out for the studio this morning. it's allowing 2 of my strengths to emerge side by side: draftsmanship & the use of oil color on this portrait linen i love so.

                    motion 12 at 1:30 PM













1:36 PM: after spending just 1 day on the under-drawing, rather than the usual 3 or 4, i sprayed the drawing with fixative and began painting in oil. rather than going over the entire drawing & masking it partially, working form an entirely different image based on plein air creek oils, as i've done on the previous motion paintings, i used the same image and started painting into the drawing.


in other words, i have eliminated, for now, the ambiguity  produced by laying one image over an entirely different one. the abstract qualities of this image: aspen stumps some of which have been cut up for firewood (see the photo in yesterdays blog post) lends itself to this different approach. thus far, the graphic elements contained in the mostly grey drawing on the canvas, are juxtaposed with the vibrant siennas & tans of the tree trunks. 

where will this experiment go from here? perhaps later this afternoon i'll take it further. on the other hand, i might let it sit until tomorrow & see how i feel about it then.