looking at a van gogh drawing, starting a new under-drawing / by Philip Tarlow

3 PM: i started the under-drawing for motion 12. this time i'm using crayon exclusively. no colored pencil thus far. so it has a bolder look and stands alone as a work unto itself. here are two stages: 1 pm & 3 pm. to be continued tomorrow.

11:47 AM: if i could get to work by 10:30, I'd get a lot more done! lets give that a try tomorrow, shall we?


i opened a book of van gogh drawings from an exhibition we visited at the met in 2005. here's an example of one, rocks and trees, drawn in province, july 6-12, 1888. pay careful attention to the variety, livliness and absolute necessity of each of his marks. this is genius.


i'm about to embark upon a new under-drawing, this one based upon a photo i shot october 15, 2017.

BELOW is a detail of motion 11 and van gogh's drawing side by side. van gogh's drawings have had a profound effect on my mark making. seeing an entire exhibition of his drawings at the met in 2005 knocked me for a loop, and i'm still reeling. the sheer volume; the mastery boggles the mind.