motion 11: the oil painting begins..... / by Philip Tarlow

              motion 11 at 3:15 PM following a brief tweak

4:22 PM: i mteade a few last changes before leaving the studio, and photographed the altered painting with my iphone. so this image may not be as accurate as what i normally shoot with my nikon.

this 9/8/17 plein air gouache is my inspiration for motion 11






2:03 PM: this morning i lay the under-drawing down on my newly cleaned work table and began painting. at first sketching in the composition with graphite, then applying oil paint, scraping, blotting, etc.

as expected and planned, elements of the under-drawing are peeking through, adding another, unexpected and unpredictable dimension. a hint of sky here, traces of warm pink patterns there. 

the green shape on the left was some creekside moss, out of which was growing shocking alizrin fingers of leaves, which swizzled and danced in the roaring current.

work will resume tomorrow morning.


                                                                                   at work on motion 11, 2pm

BELOW: the progress of motion 11. yesterday's under-drawing is on the left; middle: the p;ainting at noon; right: and at 2pm.