continuing the "motion 9" under-drawing. the series will now be known as "motion." / by Philip Tarlow

6:00 PM: a late affernoon reflection in our entryway.







3:39 PM: here's where the under-drawing for motion 9 stands at the close of my work day. the fact  that i'm using a very tight shot of an aspen trunk as my source for this drawing keeps opening up new possibilities and i feel like i'm bathed in patterns & color.

tomorrow i'll continue work on this under-drawing, and begin to contemplate which plein air oil i'll be using for the over-painting in oil.





                 under-drawing for MOTION 9,  38x32"

12:52: here's where the under-drawing was at noon today. i'll continue working on it until about 3.


this under-drawing is, as i mentioned in yesterday's post, different from the others in that it's based on a cropped version of a photo of an aspen bark i shot months ago on one of our walks up north crestone creek trail. if you didn't know that, you might be able to guess, but it leans more in the direction of pure abstraction than the previous under-drawings, which were also based upon photos shot during our walks, but are of an overall view of rocks and creek water.

8:17 AM: today i'll be continuing work on the drawing for the next painting in my motion series. the title of the series was made up in the spur of the moment, and now seems boring, cumbersome and not really representative of what i'm up to. so i'm thinking today of something that will be more on target. the direction i'm taking and the process involved has developed over the past few months, and is now ripe enough to inspire a good two worder.

last night as we prepared to leave for a local political meeting, i shot this of mikela putting on her boots in our tv room. it reminds me in it's everyday intimacy & composition of a bonnard painting we saw on our recent d.c. trip, in the national gallery. not altogether impossible it may one day bethe inspiration for a painting.

i'll post pics and comments as the day progresses.