continuing motion 11 under-drawing: roiling the drawing... / by Philip Tarlow

                           DETAIL of motion 11 at 4pm

                                       motion 11 at 4 pm

4pm: wrapping up for the day: back from my 1.5 hour break, i continued roilling the drawwing,

rolling and glisendoing across the skateboard canvas to james' velvet whipped cream voice

and throwing words about like colors or whasping wind on a february afternoon up high, high in the mountain air-r-r-. my pencils, scattered like so many stalks, are available on call anywhere anytime.

the rocks, alive with spots of grey and brown, celebrate their transformation. my pencils, trembling, vie for position finger-side, where they convulse in orgasms of tinted pleasure.














at about noon, the under-drawing looked like this. ...continuing work, will update this afternoon. will it remain as a finished piece? we'll see....

1:45PM: taking an hour break to participate in a Zoom session presenting our educational product to a couple of teachers....back to work around 2:30pm MST.