how minor tweaks make a major difference/starting the drawing for "motion 11" / by Philip Tarlow

SITE-2-17-18 motion 11 drawing 3-30pm-CROP.jpg

3:38 PM: i stretched a new canvas, using the artfix portrait linen that was delivered yesterday, and began the under-drawing for motion 11. i love when the drawing in colored pencil occupies only a fraction of the 36x36" canvas, and there's lots of white space. dream space, you could call it. it's based upon a photo i shot one day recently on our walk up to the stupa, looking down at the frozen creek, the rocks and branches.

making minor tweaks this morning to motion 10




11:21 AM: this morning upon entering my studio i took a first glance at motion 10. something was off. i called mikela over & we both agreed that the central event in this painting was too central, and left the 2 sides of the canvas looking empty. so i made just a few strokes, on the mid/upper-left and right. that's all it needed, and now the composition works. i've shown this BELOW in the comparative views of yesterday's version (left) and today's.