white as the driven snow.... / by Philip Tarlow

1:37 PM: interesting using a plein air gouache as the image i'm drawing from, rather than a plein air oil!

                            DETAIL of motion 10 at 1:30pm

the gouaches have a softer look & feel. they are, in a way, more atmospheric. unexpectedly, they are even more conducive to translation into oil than the oils! fewer hard edges; more sfumato; the subtle blending of colors into one another that the technique of oil painting was originally implemented to achieve all the way back in the 15th century, by van eyck & his cronies!

methinks i'll stop early for the day, let this dry a bit, & pick back up in the morning. my new roll of  quadruple primed french portrait linen just arrived, and i'm anxious to stretch a new canvas for motion 11.

motion 10 at noon, partially covered with off-white oil paint

12:22 PM: i took a break yesterday and am back into it today, with a passion. it's good to know that the new roll of portrait linen is on the truck for delivery today, so that as i work on motion 10, i can prepare the canvas for motion 11

today is WHITE day, when all the colored pencil & oil pastel marks i made over the past week are being partly obscured by off white oil paint, so that i can then paint into the still wet surface with a brand new image, based this time upon a gouache plein air study, rather than an oil. more pics as the day progresses.