drag n'scrape gestural painting; a renewed appreciation of oil paints / by Philip Tarlow

5:41 PM: it was too heavy & not in the spirit of the other motion paintings, so i wiped it out while it was still wet & will start over in the morning.

                                                                     motion 10 as it looked at 2:30 PM this afternoon

2 PM: as i was preparing to clean my brushes, a few things caught my eye that needed a little work. BELOW is the BEFORE (left) and AFTER. can you discern what i did, and if it improved the painting? hint: click on the 2 images to make them full screen, then click back & forth & compare the grey of the rocks on the left, center & bottom.

                   motion 10 at noon today


12:29 PM: today i was in a way better space than yesterday, when i was in a lot of pain from my jaw/molar issues. so i leapt into action, scraping, painting, drawing with oil pastels & scraping some more with my many toothed instruments that leave parallel marks akin to splashing water. 

at work on motion 10. to the left is the 16x16" plein air oil i'm referring to when i paint.

my whole body is involved, so i better be feeling good. right now motion 10 is in a good place, with an energy inspired by all the great movement/action painters i've admired & studied, from hals to rembrandt, guston and of course the one and only dekooning. great art transcends time, so internally i don't really make a distinction. and, having spent many months using acrylics with my gaze series, i have a new appreciation for what can only really be done with oils, which stay moist long enough to work into them, creating effects that would be impossible with any other medium.