motion 10 / by Philip Tarlow

        motion 10, 38x36" at 4pm today

4:11 PM: i had begun work on the under-drawing for motion 10 before the weekend, which was taken up with our indivisible meetings in 4 locations around the valley. the meetings went better than expected, and the format devised by mikela and barb, where the cadidates sat at small tables surrounded by the attendees, who got to ask them pointed questions in a relaxed atmosphere, worked like magic.

i had some difficulty picking up where i left offf with motion 10, technical and otherwise. i'm still having pain in my jaw, even after the root canal & crown, which was done on friday. there's something going on with my lower molars, and i'm most likely going to have to make yet another 4 hour trip to boulder.



so i was not in my "right mind," and did something i've never done before, mixing up acrylics with oils in a way that screwed everything up. so right now, this is the state of the painting, which is far from resolved. i can only hope i'll be in a better space tomorrow, when i continue work on this one.