more work on tree resting / by Philip Tarlow

tree resting at 3 pm

3 PM: i added a bare branch over the ice on the right, allowing the eye to register the ice as being below the branch, thus providing a greater sense of space & well, i added some darker areas of shadow where the ice eds and rocks begin, on the lower portion. i done for the day, so i’ll clean up, go back to the house & find out the latest political bombshells.

tree resting at 2 pm


2:11 PM: this morning was foggy, with poor natural light, nonetheless, i continued work on tree resting until the sun finally broke through around noon. i did quite a bit on tree resting, introducing an area of ice in the center, which both gave the composition some breathing room and has made it a far more compelling painting, i think. all the paintings need to be seen in person, this one especially. there are some subtle oranges and reds on the right that lose their sexiness on the computer screen.