meandering creek, day 1 / by Philip Tarlow

meandering creek, 36x32” as it looked at 3pm.

2:52 PM: i decided to leave tree resting alone for a while and start a new one, titled meandering creek. it’s 36x32” on portrait linen. thus far, i’ve used diluted oil paint, mostly for the grey gestural marks; colored pencils & crayons. it’s loosely based on photos i shot of the creek this past fall. the areas of exposed white canvas are typical for the paintings in this series that are early stage. i know i say this every time i’m at this stage, but i’d like to keep it light and not do the layering that many of the others in the series have.

on the left is a detail of tree resting as it looked after whiting over it late yesterday afternoon. perhaps you can see why i love what i have termed scrumbling.