stretching 2 new canvasses & making unexpected last minute changes to 10-31-18 55-46pm / by Philip Tarlow

3:25 PM: today is a snowy, dark day. i had planned to stretch & prime 2 new canvasses, which i did, and to start a long overdue studio cleanup, which i didn’t do. the reason being that at the last minute, (this happens a lot), i was drawn to make some changes to 10-31-18 55-46pm. in part, this was a result of finding, under my pile of disorganized oil tubes, 2 almost finished tubes of exactly the sky blue color i had been searching in vain for yesterday. so, despite the poor natural light, i made the changes to 3 areas of darker bllue that were a bit too dark, i’ll have to wait for some sunlight to see exactly what the result was, but i think it worked. i can see a few more things that may need work…maybe tomorrow.

earlier this morning i watched a compelling interview. john richardson, known best for his 3 volume bio of picasso , was being interviewed by charlie rose, and told some great picasso stories. if you look for it on google, click on the interview he did in 2007, because there are a number of them.