starting work on 10/31/18 5:46 pm / by Philip Tarlow

10/31/18 5:46 pm 32x36” at 3:00 pm

3:12 PM: i did make some slight modifications to the earlier version, below. but those slight changes did, i think, make it a more compelling have to see it in person to get what i mean, but now when i gaze at it, i don’t say to myself: “ where’s the horizon line?” tomorrow is forecast to be snowy, so i don’t know if there will be enough natural light to do any more to this painting. which may be a good thing. by morning the paint will have partially dried, and this kind of work is dependent upon being able to paint “wet into wet.”

10/31/18 5:46 pm 32x36” at 2:30 pm

2:38 pm: this is the first painting in my new sky high series where there is no horizon; no land, just sky. i may do a bit more on it, and i’m curious to see if it remains a sky-only painting. the truth is, i’ve been thinking for a while about taking this direction. lets wait till the end of my painting day & see what happens.