a figure enters the picture / by Philip Tarlow

tree resting at 3 pm


3:32 PM: here’s where tree resting is at right now.once again, extraneous, unnecessary marks have been painted over. The ice floe retains the dominant space in the composition, with the mysterious femail figure seeming to approach it. two branches have been reintroduced. cleanup time.

tree resting at 2 pm

DETAIL showing the female figure i introduced.

2 PM: this one is more of an odyssey than any of the others. it doesn’t really bother my; I love odysseys! i introduced a female figure standing on the rocks, which i photographed at fish creek in early fall. you can see her mid left, her head facing the left edge of the canvas. she’s naked, which of course she wasn’t in the photo. i’m going to continue working for another hour or so & see where it goes next.