tweaks to "9-1-16 6-47pm" / by Philip Tarlow

9-1-16 6-47pm as it looked after tweaking followed by spanikopites with melted cheese this afternoon

1:41: e. and k. will arrive at my studio in 45 minutes, so i have to be quick so that i can prepare the easels, brushes, colors, etc. 9-1-16 6-47pm was worked on earlier today, primarily the 2 areas you see below. i accentuated the sunlight falling on the peaks, but not too much, so that they pop more, as they actually do in certain lights, especially in the month of september, when the photo i drew from was shot. the bushes and small trees on the hillside needed more definition, but needed to be kept as secondary to the main act; the moody sky & the peaks. she sings now as the sensual being she is, writhes and twists her body in delight at the fading light. as she awaits the coming snows, she quivers with my marks.

11:34 AM: as usually happens the following morning, i found some areas of the painting that could use some tweaks. these often proove to be the most critical marks in any painting i’m working on. i’ll update later. i have limited time, as my mentee k. and his step mom e. will be arriving at 2:30 for continued work on the portraits we’re making of her.