starting work on "9-1-16 6-47pm" / by Philip Tarlow

9-1-16 6-47pm 32x36”, as it looked at the end of my painting day today

3:21 PM: here’s the current state of the painting. right now, i can see there needs to be some variation in the siena of the mountains, and the large shaded area of trees & rocks needs more definition. it hasn’t popped yet.

2:14 PM: at work on the lower portion of the painting.i’ll probably paint for another half hour before cleaning up. my mentee k. will come tomorrow afternoon, so whatever i can get done before that. can’t rush this one.

12:27 PM: after preparing a siena tinted ground yesterday afternoon on this & one other 32x36” linen canvas, i began work this morning on 9/1/16 6:47pm. thus far, i’ve done most of the drawing on the mountains, on the lower portion of the composition. not without fear & trepidation, i launched into the very subtly toned grey/purple/orange sky, which allows only small areas of blue to emerge from the clouds. so now i’ll proceed to the lower portion, once again with fear and trepidation. did lucien freud feel this way every time he prepared to work on a portrait? hockney’s portrait, for example? in the photo of the 2 of them together in freud’s studio, hockney has a quizzical look, and freud, brush in hand and apron on, has an enigmatic one, hard to read.