continuing work on "8/29/16, 7:45 am " / by Philip Tarlow

the painting at 2:00pm, after extensive revisions


2 PM: i had intended for this high sky series to be painted, as was the first in the series, in one fell swoop. that’s not how it’s turning out. i’m doing the same kind of wiping, scraping, overpainting that i was doing regularly with my post-motion series, but not quite as radical, where i obliterate the entire image. so today, dissatisfied with the painting as i left it yesterday, i worked into it, using two or three different sky photos i’ve shot over time. this particular view is what we see out our west facing windows in our upstairs living space. i have looked at this view, usually around sunrise and sunset over a period of about 25 years, since we built & moved into the house. BELOW: a comparative view of yesterdays version, on the left, and todays.