continuing work on "8/29/16, 7:45 am " / by Philip Tarlow

8/28/16 7:45 am as it looked today at 2pm.

2:06 PM: i skipped a day of work on this painting. it was a challenge to go back into something that was so fresh and in the moment. plus, this is a new direction for me. i’ve painted many skies in my life, but after spending so much time on motion and post-motion paintings, which were abstracted landscapes, it’s a new feeling when i stand before a blank canvas. the tinted ground is, again, something i’ve utilized many times, but not in years. i love switching it up however. fittingly, perhaps, last night we watched a 1979 austin city limits episode, featuring tom waits. people either love him or hate him. we were spellbound. what i strongly relate to is exactly that: how he switches it up. not from song to song, but within a song. he twists, he moans, he smokes non stop, even lighting up as he sings, and he delivers the raw emotion that can happen when it’s not all planned & plotted out.