working on the lower portion of "5/24/18, 8:06 PM" / by Philip Tarlow

5/24/18, 8:06 PM as it looked at 1pm

here’s the painting as it looked just now. i’m going to take it to the house for evaluation and then it might need the green bit to be grayed a bit.

at work on the lower portion of 5/24/18, 8:06 PM

12:26 PM: mikela’s critique of the lower portion was, as usual, spot on. i spent the past few hours making significant changes to that tree covered mountain side. green has never been easy for me, and i din’t want it to detract from the success of the upper 2/3 of the painting. so here’s where it’s at. scroll down to yesterdays post to see the difference.

it’s always tricky to go back, the following day, into a painting that emerged in one burst of energy, as did this one. but if it’s going to happen, morning hours, when i’m fresh are prime time.