white-over & scrumble take "tree resting" to the next phase in the process / by Philip Tarlow

tree resting as it looked at 2pm

contemplating tree resting this morning before getting to work.

preparing the titanium/zinc white

preparing the titanium/zinc white

2:07 PM: fro those of you who have been visiting this blog for a while, you will know what i mean by my created word: scrumble. it’s shorthand for my process of going over a painting with titanium/zinc white oil paint, then scraping with a palette knife, rubbing with a gamsol (a safer version of the old turpentine) soaked rag, etc. this may continue for days or weeks, until the painting in question sings. once she sings, it’s resolved. unless it isn’t. i just re-visited a painting completed in 2014, so there’s really no time limit.


3 stages of tree resting today, with the most recent on the right.