preparing a 32x32" canvas for "12/10/18 sky, 4:42pm" / by Philip Tarlow

just back from our trip to edwards, where we had some excellent moments with the middle school students, who are preparing their projects. my first step should really be to clean up my studio, which is a mess. but i couldn’t resist the temptation to begin a project many months, even years in the making. as those of you who follow me on FB know, i’ve taken & posted thousands of photos of the crestone/baca sky. i’ve has a growing urge to make paintings of some of them.

so i stretched a 32x32” canvas and prepared it with a tinted ground; something i used to do regularly but haven’t done in a long time. the ground in in a thinned out acrylic, so it will be totally dry by tomorrow, when i may launch into the painting, unless i make studio clean-up more of a priority.