more drawings made at bonfire café in carbondale / by Philip Tarlow

fresh snow this morning in snowmass

7:57 AM: yesterday we spent another few hours at the bonfire café in carbondale, where mikela helped orient new volunteers, giving instructions on how and where to canvas. it was a snowy day, so many of them will be going out today (including us) in clearer, relatively warmer weather to knock on doors & pass out literature. it’s interesting to observe life at the bonfire. there are almsot always small groups playing games; either chess or card games or other board games i never heard of. some are reading, some doing homework or other kinds of work and some are just having old fashioned conversations! on the right is a friend’s daughter on her computer.

there was only one mother who, when she noticed i was making a drawing of her daughter, requested that i stop. you see the beginnings of the drawing on the lower left, with a new drawing of a kid in a cool hat superimposed on top.

so these trips we’ve been making to parts of colorado we’ve never seen, to support candidate for cd3 diane mitch bush, will be ending tomorrow, when the election takes place. will she win