using a plein air gouache to make "tree resting" more painterly / by Philip Tarlow

tree resting as it looked moments ago

2 PM: following a lousy nights sleep, i didn’t expect much when i came to the studio. which of course was the key. like when i had my first blind date at 16. didn’t expect much, and got blown away!

so after spending an hour or so introducing marks derived from the bark of a “dead” tree, which i call a resting tree, i grabbed one of the plein air gouaches i made this past fall and introduced elements i discovered while making that gouache. tree resting responded immediately, activating my painterly instincts, which are always close at hand.

we may get some flurries soon, so the skies have darkened, i’m tired & ready for a bath, and it’s a good moment to stop for the day, earlier than usual. so bring on the flurries, weather gods. i’m going to clean up & return to the house and a hot bath. oh and one more thing; when i glance at it , there’s something that brings to mind late van gogh.

BELOW: tree resting as it looked yesterday (left) and moments ago.