tree resting finds it's groove / by Philip Tarlow

2:45 PM: i removed some extraneous marks on the periphery but didn’t touch anything else

tree resting at noon today, following extensive work.


12:14 PM: i was feeling hopeless about ny central supply yesterday afternoon. i came and looked at it following my dental appointment in salida. it could be the fact that i was in pain that influenced me. but i left the studio dejected and hopeless about finding my way with this painting.

fast forward to this morning. when i entered my studio & glanced at the painting, i felt certainy about the direction i needed to take. granted, tomorrow i might very well feel differently, but right now i feel this painting has found it’s groove. BELOW are 3 stages of the painting over the past week, with the oldest pn the left.

over the past few days, i’ve been pouring over the text & images in takeuchi’s taiga’s true views. BELOW is what i posted a few days ago from that book. the reason i’m posting it here is that, if you take a look at the 2 earlier versions of ny central supply, you may notice that there was, as it says in the quote:

in other words, my mind was focused more on making sure rocks looked like rocks than on the process of painting and remaining true to the world within. it may sound like a rather suble, esoteric distinction, but for me, where i’m at in my evolution as an artist, it strikes a chord.