a bit more work on ny central supply / by Philip Tarlow

ny central supply at 4:15pm.


5:45 PM: mikela & i made up to take our wak at 4pm. at 3:30, after cleaning my brushes, i just couldn’t stay away. i went back into it, smearing my just washed hands with oil paint & making a big mess. i did a lot of knee jerk stupid stuf, which i ended up, as 4 o’clock came and went, scaping & rubbing out the whole thing, literally pouring the gamsol (much less toxic turpentine substitute) over the painting & rubbing away the foolishness with old discarded clothing. interestingly and perhaps predictably, it’s more compelling and more integrated as a painting than it was before i cut loose.

tomorrow morning i have to drive to salida to have a crown created and the temporary filling replaced with a permanant one, following my root canal a few weeks ago. a second crown in the neighboring tooth will be created and installed as well: a 2 hour apointment. when i’m back, i’m hoping it will be early enough to get in a couple of hours.

ny central supply at 2pm

i did a bit more to ny central supply. and i’m not yet sure it was a good thing. i’ll let you know tomorrow. todays version is on the right, BELOW. i thought i was lightening it up & decongesting it somewhat. but it looks darker & more congested!