ny central supply becomes a horizontal composition / by Philip Tarlow

the frozen creek on november 18th

2:13 PM: i resumed work on ny central supply, turning it 90 degrees and making it a horizontal. it has a strong presence now, with rock inspired shapes alternating with white shapes drawn from my memory of the ice that forms around this time of year and remains till spring. every time we walk up the creek, it has changed form. this may be the first time i’ve shared my source photographs on my blog. don’t know why, since my goal is complete transparency. it’s a reaction….kind of a delayed teenage rebellious reaction to the secrecy that often surrounds an artist’s process. of course, in many cases that’s out the window now.

this painting, assuming i don’t alter it tomorrow, is a likely candidate for my may, 2019 space gallery show, with 2 other artists. always interesting to see how your work holds up…or not when hung with the work of your contemporaries.