2014 collage re-worked and more work on ny central supply / by Philip Tarlow

rachet: 32x32” mixed media & collage on canvas, 2014 and today

ny central supply, 38x32” mixed media on linen

3:36 PM: this morning i was at a loss as to where to go next. ny central supply was in such a delicate state and i was so hesitant about doing anything to it, that i just jumped in &, as i am wont to do, wiped out all that i had done and instead worked feverishly into it, after which i wiped that out too.so now it looks like what you see here on the right; a totally different look and feel, while remaining true to the meta-motion aesthetic it’s becoming part of, as well as the 10th century chinese masters i’m inspired by. we’ll see what tomorrow brings.