ny central supply, 38 x 38 inches / by Philip Tarlow

ny central supply following a 4:30 pm intervention

5:39 PM: mikela and i drove into town at 3;15 to do some food shopping and go to the post office. on the way in, we stopped briefly at the studio so she could see what i did today on ny central supply. as always, her feedback was spot on. while she saw what a strong piece it is, she noted that it had become too busy. after we got back, i walked over to the studio & took advantage of the fact that the paint is fresh & easy to manipulate, i scraped and rubbed out the bits i had added towards the end of the day when i was tired & not at my best. tomorrow morning, i’ll see whether it needs more work.

2:59 PM: here’s how the painting looks at the end of my painting day. i’ll wait till morning to evaluate; i’m too close to it right now.

noon: yesterday was devoted to completing a secret…for now…project. what i can reveal right now is that it’s a gift for friends whose home we stayed at last month while on our big campaign tour of southern colorado. it’s a small painting based upon photographs i shot while we were there. once they receive it & it;s no longer a secret, i’ll post pics of the whole process, which i documented.

so after completing the packaging this morning, i launched into a motion series painting which i had scraped & painted over. i can’t really recall which one it was, so i’m acting as if it’s a new painting, which i’ve titled n.y. central. as i was walking over to see if there was a title on the back, i spotted a jar of brushes labled n.y. central ‘09. a legendary art supply store in nyc, it closed it’s doors forever once it’s founder/owner died. steve was an amazing being, but more about him another time.

here i’m at work on ny central about 20 minutes ago. the previous layers of the painting showing through lend a richness and mystery.