/revising katarachtes: 50x48” & new rules continued / by Philip Tarlow

3:11 PM: and here she is at 3 pm. gotta run; we’re walking up the trail soon. those grey marks may need to be lighter….

katarachtes, 50x48” at 3pm

revising katarachtes, 50x48” at around 2 pm

2 PM: decided to leave new rules alone for a day or two and work on revising the way-too-busy katarachtes. as work continues for another hour or so, i’ll post updated pics.

11:51 AM: feeling a tad better today. fuzziness gone but still can’t chew on the root canal tooth without pain. mikela made a delicious pumpkin soup for me last night, with enough left over to have in the studio for lunch.

so i got to work earlier & made some important changes to new rules. BELOW is a comparative view, with what i did this morning on top & yesterdays version below. the second canvas from the left has been significantly de-cluttered, and a band of light grey has appeared above & below, allowing the eye to perceive all 4 canvasses, for the first time, as one painting. rock forms have been sketched in across all 4 canvasses, using my fan brushes as a hats off to my ever present 10th century chinese masters of calligraphy & landscape. motion, which is the title of this series, is introduced & the viewer is invited to fill in the blanks, so to speak. it’s what you might call, if you like to invent & play with words as i do, a kinetic-frizz-about-

new rules 16x80 “ as it looked moments ago after this mornings changes

new rules at 3:30 pm yesterday